The Church of Western Swing was started in the year 2000 and our mission is to promote Western Swing Music and the music and memory of Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys.  The church really began 20 years before that, when Gene Crownover started working with Henry Baker’s Band out of Bartlesville, OK.  Soon, Glen (Blub) Rhees, Clarence Cagle, & Curly Lewis were also playing in the band.  Gene asked Henry to go to Turkey Texas in 1982 to play bass on the Saturday afternoon show and he said, “If you ever go once, you’ll never miss a year”. Well, that turned out true in Henry’s case.  After that first year, B.J. Robison & Jim Majors, with the Bob Wills Foundation, hired Henry to furnish the sound for the annual Bob Wills Days Event, and he’s done so ever since.  The auditorium is more like a museum, with theater seats and stage, and lots of memorabilia.

Bob Wills Day is officially the last Saturday in April.  It has now become the place to get married for Bob Wills’ fans.  Two couples flew from England in 2006 to get married in “The Church of Western Swing” on "Bob Wills Day". Russ and Christy Yates got married in 2006, later in the year.

The "Church" also hosts an annual Christmas Party, Valentine Party, and Halloween Party.  In Turkey, anything can change at a moments notice. No tellin’ who might show up next.